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Healthy Bottle is manufactured by Czech family company R&B Mědílek Ltd. founded in Žacléř in Eastern Bohemia in 1990. At the beginning, the company focused on the production of handlebar tapes and through cycling came to the production of sports bottles.



Currently the company is one of the leading European producers of plastic beverage bottles with customized labels for clients ranging from sports teams, to advertising agencies, and wholesale customers abroad.

In 2009 company R & B launched a unique bottle - Healthy Bottle, which is made from a special material designed for pharmacy and medicine and brings so many benefits to its users.

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David Tomáš

Company has to be vibrant and pulsing. Without our vision, reliable employees and enthusiasm we probably wouldn't exist anymore.

David Tomáš
Managing director


R & B in 2020? - R&B is a significant European company that focuses on health, quality, innovation, customer care, and is always one step ahead of its competitors. There is continual emphasis on research and development of new innovative options and trend that could create customer’s desire.

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These days when we realize more and more how badly we have treated the environment and even our own health, the Healthy Bottle could be the right step towards to a respectful and a healthy lifestyle.

David Tomáš
Managing director