How to exchange the replacement components?

Replacing the original stopper/original nozzle

As children bite the stopper it may become deformed and result in unwanted leakage.  The original stopper/nozzle is secured by a convenient OPEN/CLOSE system. The original stopper/nozzle can be pulled out completely by pulling upwards powerfully. Push the new stopper/nozzle back in the same spot. Check the function of the OPEN/CLOSE system.

Replacing the sealing ring

Long term bottle usage may lead to slight wear of the elastic sealing ring in the lid of the bottle...

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Is Healthy Bottle suitable for children?

Yes, Healthy Bottle is suitable for children older than 3 years because of the small replacement components. It does not contain phthalates, softeners or Bisphenol A. It is made of material designed for everyday care in the health sector with the highest demands for quality and health...

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Can Healthy Bottle be boiled?

Yes, thanks to an excellent quality of its material, Healthy Bottle and the baby bottle are suitable for boiling water at 100 °C. This is the best way to achieve the highest degree of protection and maintaining your Healthy Bottle free of any possible contamination.

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Is Healthy Bottle also suitable for ice hockey?

Extended direct contact with an ice surface can cause some polypropylene bottles to become more fragile and prone to cracking. In these cases, we recommend using the insulated neoprene bottle cover . It not only protects your Healthy Bottle but also keeps your drink warm for longer.

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How to secure the bottle from leakage?

Our lids don’t contain any backward seal. If you carry the bottle upside down it may leak. If the stopper is pushed down into the lid it is only CLOSED, NOT LOCKED.  You can lock it by rotating the stopper to the ‘CLOSE’ position. It is now locked against accidental opening.

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Healthy Bottle health and safety:

Healthy Bottle is made from high quality, non-toxic polypropylene, especially developed for medical and pharmaceutical purposes. They contain no phthalates, softeners or bisphenol A (BPA). The material used to produce Healthy Bottle is used e.g. in patients intracorporeal applications....

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Maintenance instructions

Healthy Bottle is not maintenance free. Proper maintenance will prolong its lifetime. Healthy Bottle should be regularly washed or put in a dishwasher. From time to time, Letting the bottle soak in boiling water and letting all the components dry separately  is also recommended....

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Components and replacement parts

Stopper/nozzle exchange Chewing or biting the stopper can cause its deformation and result in leakage. The stopper/nozzle is provided with a convenient OPEN/CLOSE system. Pull the stopper/nozzle strongly upwards in an OPEN position to remove it and push in a new one. Lap exchange It is...

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Beverages suitable for Healthy Bottle

Bottles are suitable for all beverages, including soft drinks. To avoid the stopper being pushed up by the gas it is recommended to rotate the stopper to the CLOSE position. Based on our own experience some ionic drinks and children’s squashes can cause slight colouring inside the bottle, so...

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