How to exchange the replacement components?

Replacing the original stopper/original nozzle:

As children bite the stopper it may become deformed and result in unwanted leakage.  The original stopper/nozzle is secured by a convenient OPEN/CLOSE system. The original stopper/nozzle can be pulled out completely by pulling upwards powerfully. Push the new stopper/nozzle back in the same spot. Check the function of the OPEN/CLOSE system. 

Replacing the sealing ring:

Long term bottle usage may lead to slight wear of the elastic sealing ring in the lid of the bottle. Sometimes it gets lost when you hand wash or in the dishwasher. If your Healthy Bottle starts to leak, check the sealing ring in the lid. You can restore the original functionality of the Healthy Bottle by replacing the sealing ring in the lid. 

How to replace the sealing ring:

To remove the sealing ring from the lid you need to strongly hit the table repeatedly or use a thin tool to pull the seal out. Insert the new seal with the help of a cutlery knife or the end of a tea spoon. Once the lid is screwed on the seal will settle in the correct place. Your bottle is now ready to be used.