Maintenance instructions

Healthy Bottle is not maintenance free. Proper maintenance will prolong its lifetime. Healthy Bottle should be regularly washed or put in a dishwasher. From time to time, Letting the bottle soak in boiling water and letting all the components dry separately  is also recommended.  R&B employees use Healthy Bottle on daily basis and are constantly testing its quality so we have a lot of personal experience with its use and maintenance.

Maintenance Procedure:

Thanks to a large opening hole, rinsing the bottle with hot water is usually good enough. Should the bottle or the components require a proper mechanical cleaning, ordinary detergents can be used. We recommend a small bottle brush (e.g. Babydream sold at Rossmann) that is specifically designed for washing bottles and its components. Always store the bottles well dried and open. 

Healthy Bottle is dishwasher safe.

Healthy Bottle is the only beverage bottle suitable for boiling at 100 °C  (similar to a baby bottle) Thanks to an excellent quality of the used material this is the best way to eliminate any possible impurity.